Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#MYXCelebVJJAPS for the Month of Julie Anne

Hey #Japs fans, Julie Anne San Jose will be your celebrity Myx Vj jor the entire month of May. Awarded fresh as the Most Promising Singer/Performer at the Guillermo Mendoza Awards 2012, Julie Anne will be hanging out with you everyday as your celebrity Myx VJ.


Julie admits she's very happy being a MYX VJ 'for the first time.' Being a VJ for her is a very wonderful experience because it enhance her hosting skills and discovers more about genres of music and titles itself. She even admitted that she is stammering sometimes though tries to speak straight as much as possible.

Wonder why Everybody Loves Julie Anne San Jose? Watch the clip below to find out. 

P.S. Could you tell me what is the tile of the background song?

Image source: Facebook
Video courtesy of myxphdotcom

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