Sunday, April 29, 2012

Callalily Revives 'Minsan' of Eraserheads

Callalily makes a revival of the 90s prominent band Eraserheads of their hit song "Minsan" for the soundtrack of Star Cinema's upcoming movie, The Reunion.

Kean on the teaser makes a good version of 'Minsan' matching his hot and powerful voice. The original version is good, but I can say that this revival will definitely be a hit on radio stations when it will be officially release. Fans of Callalily will not only take advantage but so with the huge fans of Eraserheads as this will be a tribute to the latter.

Kean Cipriano will also star in the upcoming movie "The Reunion" together with Enrique Gil, Enchong Dee, and Xian Lim. Directed by Frasco Mortiz, the movie will tell a story of  a group of high school friends who meet several years after looking for the true meaning of love and happiness.

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