Friday, March 16, 2012

'Do It In Hollywood' - Faber Drive's latest single

The long wait is over! Canadian band Faber Drive on March 13 just released their newest single "Do It In Hollywood".

What keeps this band in my head was their song titled 'When I'm With You' which was included in their album 'Seven Second Surgery' released last 2007. It was until 2009 when they released their second album 'Can't Keep A Secret' towards synthpop sound.

Simple Plan band members Pierre and Chuck together with Faber Drive co-wrote 'Do It In Hollywood". It was noted last time that Simple Plan had worked with Faber Drive's second album on songs - "Our Last Goodbye" and "G-Get-up and Dance."

Last February, the band tweeted saying that they will be releasing their new single "Do It In Hollywood" on March 13th, 2012 and their third album will be out somewhere in early spring.

The band is currently working this time for their video. For the mean time, listen to the video below.

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