Sunday, May 27, 2012

Down To Mars releases 'My Everything' music video

Dubbed as Philippine's first INTERPOP Music Group, the 7-member group Down To Mars finally released the music video of their debut single "My Everything" at Party Pilipinas today on it's 'Kulay' episode.

Jeongwon, Daisuke, Kenji, Yheen, Kiro, Jang and Sky with Primetime Queen Marian Rivera, which was featured on the music video, performed the group's single at Party Pilipinas Kulay.

The video defined the group's name itself through it's opening part. The planet-like background, the space-suit-inspired costumes together with their masks depicts the fanciness of the group about the galaxy and alien world.

Down To Mars on their first music video embarks a new vision on Philippine music videos. We are occasionally got used to expect on "love-themed" videos and the like. But this time, this video has put me on to fascination. There could have been some similarities to what we are addicted to (kpop), for me on my personal opinion, the group just defined what is called "passion for music" as they are expressively with different Asian races.

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